Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Freeing RAM in Windows OS using NOTEPAD

Freeing RAM

RAM is Random Access Memory  which is utilized by your OS to run the processes. But sometimes even after ending/exiting the process the memory is not freed. And once all the memory is consumed and not freed at all the OS gets Hanged. And you must be knowing about CTRL+ALT+DEL :D

So here we go, it is simple trick to free the RAM f
You just need one thing i.e Notepad 

1. Open Notepad 
2. Type


How to free RAM3. Save the file with name  as “CleanRAM.vbs” on desktop 

Note: Remember to type the name of the file along with inverted commas so that the file's extension will be vbs

Whenever required , double click the file to run.  
You can change the 1280000000 to 2560000000 or 5120000000 as per your need

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